The people behind Autism Progress

  • Dale Pickles
    Dale Pickles

    Director of B Squared. Dale oversees and manages all aspects of B Squared - from developing the business strategy to recruitment, target setting, budget control and software development.

  • Alex Hurle
    Alex Hurle

    Head of the Education Team at B Squared. An experienced mainstream and SEN teacher, he leads his team in the design and creation of assessment frameworks.

  • Tor Pickles
    Tor Pickles

    Assessment Specialist at B Squared, uses her wealth of experience in teaching to ensure our frameworks demonstrate the small steps of progress made by learners with SEND.

  • Jasmine Miller
    Jasmine Miller

    Principal of New Struan School, which is part of Scottish Autism. Jasmine has worked in the field of autism for over 15 years, and has extensive teaching experience working in both mainstream and SEN settings.

  • Francine Crook
    Francine Crook

    Teacher with 12 years’ teaching experience, a decade of which was specifically dedicated to teaching young people with Autism. Previously the Practice and Clinical Support Team Manager for Autism Wessex.



We would also like to thank the following people for their invaluable contribution:

  • Jon Twycross

    (Chief Product Officer, B Squared) for software implementation.

  • Laura Hurle

    (Special Educational Needs teacher) for support strategy identification and creation.

  • Brenda Byrom

    (founder of B Squared) for support strategy writing.

  • Alison Ross

    (Speech and Language Therapist) for specialist advice.

  • Carole Berry

    (Special Educational Needs teacher) for support strategy identification and creation.

  • Ros Urwin

    (Occupational Therapist) for specialist advice.