Tracking academic progress for autistic students with a spiky profile

Tracking progress for autistic learners. Autism Progress can help you better understand students with a spiky profile in your special school.

It helps you to understand how autism affects students in your special school and the strengths and weaknesses of each individual pupil’s profile.

What do we mean by a spiky profile? 

When you have a spiky profile, the difference between your strengths and weaknesses is more noticeable than for the average person. When plotted on a graph, strengths and weaknesses form a pattern with high peaks and low troughs, resulting in a spiky appearance. 


Autism Progress enables special schools to:

  • upskill staff
  • identify areas of difficulty/strength
  • have strategies to support staff on how to support pupils as part of Quality First Teaching (QFT)
  • write case studies around softer skills
  • talk about tracking academic progress with spiky profile with different types of progress

support your autistic pupils

The difficulties they face can be divided into four key developmental areas, all of which are included in Autism Progress:

Special schools using Autism Progress

Autism Progress is used by many special schools to support their autistic pupils. Here’s a few…

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Pinpoint individual students’ barriers to learning and focus on the specific challenges they face

“Using Autism Progress has enabled us to pinpoint individual students’ current barriers to learning. We can then focus on the specific challenges facing that student, in order to help them access Hope House School’s curriculum at the appropriate level for their cognitive ability.

The process of profiling has also highlighted some additional resources that would benefit our students, particularly in terms of communication aids and sensory tools. We can now plan the selection of future resources specifically to meet each individual’s needs.”

Phil Baker, Head of Education, Hope House School

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