Autism Profiling Tool for Schools

Autism Progress is an observational assessment framework designed to help schools to better understand how a student’s autism affects them. Autism Progress is designed to help education and care settings to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of how an individual’s autism affects them

  • identify the strengths of the individual

  • support their growth and personal interests

  • demonstrate development in relation to four key areas

  • help guide individuals with autism into suitable employment

Autism Progress provides ability-relevant strategies, helping professionals with the design of personalised support plans. Our aim is to help you achieve a better understanding of each individual, to enhance their wellbeing and ultimately enrich their quality of life. Autism Progress can be used to:

  • Provide appropriate strategies to support individuals who have a ‘spiky’ developmental profile

  • Measure the impact and value of interventions provided to an individual

  • Identify the strengths of individuals and to ensure that staff can engage with them in positive and meaningful ways.

Development in the four key areas will help the individual to transfer skills to everyday life and learning experiences. This, in turn, will ultimately enhance their quality of life and improve their chances of finding suitable employment.

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Profile Autism


Challenges: expressing personal needs, delayed development of language, repetitive use of known phrases, and/or difficulties with comprehension.

Social Interaction

Challenges: applying social conventions, forming and sustaining relationships, managing social anxiety, and/or understanding the perspective of others. This is typical of someone with Aspergers Syndrome (AS).

Flexibility of Thought

Challenges: struggling with repetitive patterns of behaviour or thought, applying known concepts to new situations, and/or accepting differences in unfamiliar situations.

Emotional Regulation

Challenges: irritability, temper outbursts, aggression, self-injurious behaviours, raised levels of anxiety and distress.

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Find out what our customers have said about Autism Progress

“At last a set of statements and strategies which are relevant and useful in the assessment of children with autism”

“It will help show areas that are causing issues and help to inform staff in dealing with behaviour and learning”

“This Profiling tool is both relevant and useful for the assessment of children with autism. The support strategies it recommends provide a solid foundation for individual student’s development”

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Phil Baker, Head of Education, Hope House School

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Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

What is Autism Progress?

Autism Progress is an observational assessment framework designed to help members of staff to support individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is not a diagnostic tool.

Autism Progress uses a scale ranging from 1 to 17. Each level within this scale outlines a selection of skills and abilities that are developmentally more challenging than the previous level.  We have worked with experienced special needs teachers and experts from Scottish Autism, Autism Wessex and the North East Autism Society to provide a range of ability-relevant strategies relating to the specific areas of development.

Yes. Autism Progress has been designed to work with all ages. It can be used in Early Years settings, schools and adult care/education settings. One of the main aims of Autism Progress was to be used in adult care settings to improve the support and care individuals receive.

No. Autism Progress does provide a FREE Handbook which contains information, guidance on the four developmental areas. This is designed to help professionals understand our profiling tool and how it should be used. Autism Progress requires purchase.

Autism Progress is a module within B Squared’s Connecting Steps assessment software. Autism Progress can be used on its own alongside your current assessment system or used alongside B Squared’s assessment products within Connecting Steps.

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Autism Wessex

Autism Wessex

Founded in 1968 by parents of autistic children, Autism Wessex is the regional charity providing high quality specialist services for people affected by autism and associated difficulties across the counties of Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

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Scottish Autism


We are the largest provider of autism-specific services in Scotland and a leading authority and advocate for good autism practice. We exist to help those diagnosed with autism to lead full and enriched lives and become valuable members of the community they live in.

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North East Autism Society


The Society was founded in 1980 by a group of parents whose children were diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). They wanted to send their children to a school where the staff understood their needs and where each child would be helped to achieve their full potential.

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