Autism Progress helps you understand how each person’s autism impacts them

Autism is a Spectrum and Each Person is Unique. You cannot use a generic approach to supporting autism, you need to understand the pupil and how their own autism impacts them. Once you understand a pupil’s autism, you can support them more effectively. You can use the strategies in Autism Progress to help them thrive. Supporting an autistic pupil effectively will have a huge impact, not only in school, but at home and the wider world.

Our software can also show academic progress for autistic learners with spiky profiles 

Connecting Steps can show progress for pupils working across multiple levels in one area. For students with a spiky profile Autism Progress can highlight the areas where support is needed, but also celebrate and champion where they are making progress. Our software does this for a wide range of abilities and ages.

What is autism progress?

Watch this 1 minute video to see how Autism Progress can help you understand how autism impacts a young person. It also helps you provide tailored support for each individual and plan their next steps.

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Autism Progress enables special schools to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how autism impacts each pupil across four key areas – Communication, Social Interaction, Flexibility of Thought, Emotional Regulation.
  • Support pupils with a wide range of strategies.
  • Help pupils to understand their own autism and give them strategies they can use themselves.
  • Understand the impact of the pupil’s autism on academic progress and use this information to inform targets including their IEP and EHCP targets.

Support your autistic pupils to thrive

Autism Progress looks at skills across 4 key developmental areas that autistic pupils struggle with:

Special schools using Autism Progress

Autism Progress is used by many special schools to support their autistic pupils. Here’s a few…

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Pinpoint an individual student’s barriers to learning and focus on the specific challenges they face

“Using Autism Progress has enabled us to pinpoint an individual student’s current barriers to learning. We can then focus on the specific challenges facing that student, in order to help them access Hope House School’s curriculum at the appropriate level for their cognitive ability.

The process of profiling has also highlighted some additional resources that would benefit our students, particularly in terms of communication aids and sensory tools. We can now plan the selection of future resources specifically to meet each individual’s needs.”

Phil Baker, Head of Education, Hope House School

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