Understand how autism impacts students in your school

With more and more students being diagnosed with autism in mainstream schools, it has never been more important to fully understand the impact of their autism and the support they need. Everyone’s autism is different, and it is important to support the child, not the label. This means we need to understand their autism and how to support them.

Autism Progress helps you to better understand how each pupil’s autism impact them. It helps you to build a profile, showing their strengths and weaknesses and gives you ways to support pupils in those areas.

What is autism progress?

Watch this 1 minute video to see how Autism Progress can help you understand how autism impacts a young person. It also helps you provide tailored support for each individual and plan their next steps.

To find out more about how as a SENCO Autism Progress can help in your mainstream setting:

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Autism Progress enables mainstream schools to:

  • Give staff more confidence by understanding how each pupil’s autism impacts them differently. It is a spectrum!
  • Identify each student’s strengths and difficulties across four key areas – Communication, Social Interaction, Flexibility of Thought, Emotional Regulation.
  • Understand how to support pupils, with a wide range of strategies designed to support autistic pupils.
  • Use the profile to inform pupil targets including IEPs and EHCPs.
Autism Special Schools

support your autistic pupils

Autism Progress supports four key developmental areas that autistic pupils struggle with:

Schools have great things to say about Autism Progress

Autism Progress is used by many mainstream schools to support their autistic pupils. Here’s what they think…

Star Primary School Logo 2

Tracking small steps of progress for autistic children

“With a growing number of students on the Autism Spectrum, Autism Progress has helped us to monitor the small steps of progress in all four areas of need for children with ASD: communication, social interaction, flexibility of thought and emotional regulation. This has supported us in providing a holistic education appropriate to the needs of Autistic children; promoting high standards, and fulfilment of their maximum potential in all areas of learning and life skills.”

Faria Alam / Assistant Head Inclusion & SENCO
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St Edmunds Primary School logo

Autism profiling improves outcomes for autistic pupils

“We also use B Squared’s Autism Progress to help monitor the learning and progress that is taking place for children with an ASD diagnosis. This helps us to not only focus on academic targets but also to better understand how autism affects individuals differently. This means we can give better support to each pupil based on their needs and help prepare them with skills needed in later life.”

Victoria Chandler / SENCO
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Find out how Autism Progress can help you better understand and support autistic individuals

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